Kieron Hill Employment Services

Employing staff can be a pain. It’s not just the legal side (and that’s bad enough) it’s the fact that you have to spend time dealing with employee issues when you would rather be out there developing your business

I believe that too many “experts” have inserted themselves into the employment relationship. Everything I do is to try to give the relationship back to the most important partners, the employer and the employee. I believe that is the only way to make the relationship positive for both of them. It starts with employers being honest with their staff and employees taking responsibility for their actions.

So what I’ve set up is a locally based service, delivered face to face where necessary, that gives you direct assistance with managing your staff, from  taking up references, drawing up contracts for new staff to dealing with attendance and sickness absence or conducting disciplinary hearings. Where necessary we can coach you or your managers on how to deal with issues as they arise so you can take control and not feel like you are walking on eggshells.

We can give advice on the complexities of employment law if that’s what you want, but in my experience if we do the basics for you not only will it free up your time, it will also help you to make considerable savings in staff costs.

Taking You AWAY From Unproductive Tasks. So You Can Concentrate On Running your Business