So you’ve just given someone a warning that they should pay more attention to their job or risk losing it, the employee has accepted that they were in the wrong and you are looking forward to them becoming a real asset to your organisation. All of a sudden they turn into a “wannabe” lawyer and send you a three page letter saying how badly they’ve been treated and raising numerous legal challenges to the procedure you’ve followed. Far from having dealt with the problem you now have to spend even more of your valuable time dealing with someone you are not sure you want in your business anyway.

The other thing that seems to crop up again and again is that the employee doesn’t challenge the original facts of the case, the appeal is a series of excuses and it is obvious that the employee doesn’t want to take any responsibility for their actions. As a client of KHES Ltd, we can deal with appeals on your behalf.


“Our MD issued a warning to one of our employees which resulted in a lengthy appeal letter coming in. we showed it to Kieron Hill who told us that the vast majority of the letter was legal nonsense but we would have to deal with the appeal.

Faced with the possibility of having our senior management team tied down in a lengthy procedure we were relieved when Kieron said he could deal with this for us.

The end result was that the appeal was dealt with properly and fairly without disrupting the whole of the business.”

Jean Algie
​Fairbanks Environmental Ltd