If recruitment is hard, why not try retention?

With the recent news that the number of vacancies is now greater than the number of unemployed, You cant change the causes of a recruitment crisis. Maybe employee retention can ease the problem. Employees who feel valued at work are happier, perform better and are less likely to seek alternative employment elsewhere- crucial in this […]

Office Move

We are preparing to move office, the old one has served us very well, but we would prefer to be closer to home than we currently are. We’ll move everything in on Saturday the 5th March, so on Monday the 7th we will still be in the office but will be slightly slower in responding […]

Holiday pay Another cunning plan

The seemingly endless legal battles over holiday pay and the gig economy continue. The court of appeal recently massively increased the risks employers face if they label people as contractors, when in fact they are employee. There have been a number of cases where the courts have decided that what is written in the contract […]

How to Make your Business Grow

We are delighted to announce a new collaboration that will allow us to expand our services to clients.   We’ve teamed up with Paula Cohen from Taylory Ltd to offer Management Skills workshops, aimed primarily at new or developing Managers.   Managing people effectively is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges of growing a business, but finding training which […]

Managing Medical Reports

We have recently seen an upsurge in staff having significant amounts of sick leave for reasons associated with mental health, and this has started to negatively affect the company, their work and put additional pressure on their colleagues who have to do extra work whilst they are off sick. In many cases we advise that you seek a medical report on the persons medical […]

The Problem with Handbooks

We regularly sign-up new clients and they provide us with a copy of a handbook that’s been produced for them by an expert. Often these handbooks can be more than 90 pages long and include terms and conditions of employment which bear no relation to the organisation itself. Whilst we understand that in some regulated industries such as health and social […]

Flexible Working Requests

The response of an employer to request for flexible working is often one of frustration and annoyance because it distracts them from what they’re having to do in their day-to-day job. However, in my experience providing flexible working can actually be a positive benefit where it doesn’t disrupt the business. This is also becoming a bigger issue with people […]

How to Deal with Difficult Staff

If you are a manager or business owner you will have come across this personality; the member of staff who when you give them a job to do comes up with half a dozen reasons why it can’t be done. The response of most managers is to leave it and get on with their job […]

The Ramblings of a Retired Person

Well I did promise/ threaten all that time ago- feels like a LONG 5 months-when I bid you all a fond farewell at the end of March, that I might pop back up at some point- and here I am!  This time I don’t have any legal issues to discuss or sage advice to share, […]