Background Checks

Staff actions and behaviour can make or break a business/organisation. That’s why recruiting the right member of staff is so vital.  We are able to mitigate risks associated with staff appointments carrying out the due diligence necessary.

Taking references can help but that will only tell you so much (if indeed you get any response at all). We offer a full background check to ensure that the person you want to offer the job to, is both who they say they are and doesn’t have any undisclosed information which may mean they are a risk to your organisation. An additional charge is made for this service. Contact 0161 850 1122 or email if you would like a background check performed.


“Running a busy GP surgery is very challenging. Organising and managing a recruitment campaign whilst managing a practice is extremely challenging. Kieron and his team were extremely helpful during our recent recruitment campaign. His team placed the advert, viewed all applications and there were lots! The team selected potential candidates for interview in an efficient and timely manner. The practice has just made two job offers which wouldn’t have been possible to complete so efficiently without Kieron’s team supporting the practice.”

Mary Hesketh
Practice Manager Dr Loomba’s surgery Bolton