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We work with a lot of different HR software systems that our clients already use, but when a company wants to look at a new HR system we recommend Breathe as being one of the simplest to use for SMEs. An HR system like Breathe helps businesses keep on top of day-to-day admin so they can spend less time on time-consuming manual processes.

This includes,

  • Holiday management
  • Sickness & absence
  • Document storage
  • Performance monitoring
  • Training scheduling
  • Expense management

All this means management has more time to focus on growth and development. We can support your business by installing Breathe on your behalf and uploading your employee information on to the server, so that you’re ready to go. Our subscription prices are only £2 per employee per month. Look at the benefits below.

Using HR software is invaluable and helps you keep track of your team and your team keep track of each other.

1. It’ll improve the efficiency of your HR admin

One of the most immediate benefits of using specialist HR software – once you’ve completed the implementation and launch phase – is an improvement in the efficiency of your HR admin Repetitive, admin-intensive tasks such as chasing managers to complete probation or annual reviews can be automated, and others – such as approving holiday or certifying absence – can be delegated to managers and employees through self-service functionality.

 2. It’ll improve your employee experience

If your employees are used to using their mobile for everything from booking an Uber to ordering a new outfit, they will expect to do the same for booking holiday from work or viewing their work documents – and certainly not have to send a form to HR, for example. User-friendly, well-designed HR software can help to transform your employees’ perceptions of your organisation as outdated or ‘behind-the-times’ to seeing it as one that is forward-thinking and progressive.

3. It’ll save you money – or enable you to redeploy staff on other projects

Implementing HR software will of course involve one-off setup fees and, if using a cloud-based system, monthly subscription costs. But, in the medium and long-term, your organisation should find that the efficiencies the software brings and time it saves will either allow you to reduce staffing costs or allow you to redeploy your admin staff on more lucrative projects.

 4. It’ll improve your regulatory compliance

Because you’ll store all your people data and related information in one place and be able to send automated reminders when action needs to be taken, your compliance with regulatory requirements will be much improved. Specific compliance areas where HR solutions can play a significant role include GDPR compliance (especially around data security and data-retention periods), right-to-work checks, and health and safety training compliance.