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KHES for Social Care

KHES medical have been looking after care homes and domiciliary care services for the past 10 years. We base our service on helping you achieve what you want, rather than telling you what you can’t do!

We have built lasting relationships with our care home managers and owners through supportive HR and Employment Law advice. We understand how Social Care works and can provide HR support that recognises the complexities of CQC administration (CIW in Wales and the Care Inspectorate in Scotland) and the changing nature of service delivery. We provide a personal and professional service that is cost effective, flexible and ensures you get the right result for your service.

Download your COVID19 Vaccination in Care Homes Guide!

Find out your rights as a care home manager if your care workers are refusing the vaccine.

Care managers of nursing homes are requesting support regarding care staff refusing vaccination against COVID19. Our guide will help you understand your rights and what steps to take when a care worker is refusing the vaccination.

“It has been a really difficult year for us but we have unearthed a lot of issues and this has allowed us to build the sort of team we need in our service. I’ve really appreciated the KHES approach and support which has been clear and firm. Many homes have found it difficult to make decisive HR and management decisions during the outbreak. I’m certain that our approach has been important in ensuring our service has remained safe and Covid free”.

Bethan Mascarenhas

The Old Vicarage Care Home

HR Services

We can provide HR admin support, get references for new staff, check criminal records, draft up offer letters and issue contracts and provide you with all the legal advice you need to run your home your way.

Monthly Support

We cover the general mix of HR issues that managers have to deal with on a daily basis and offer a one-year minimum length contract (with three months notice of intention to leave after that). Prices start at £165 per month for a service with less than 25 staff.

1. We start the process by visiting you so that we understand the way you work. Your consultant will meet and talk you through what we do and how to gain the most from our service.

2. We review all your contracts of employment and prepare new ones to meet current legislation where needed and comply with regulatory body requirements. We review your employee handbooks, policies and procedures to make sure they are clear and easily understood by employees.

3. When you need help, we give advice 24/7 and write letters for you when needed. We cover disciplinaries, dismissals, holiday calculations, sickness absences, etc. You can contact us by email, phone or video link.

4. We visit you at your workplace on an annual basis and keep in touch, with newsletters and legal updates.

Full HR Support

Our Full HR Support is a comprehensive service where KHES becomes your very own HR Department. We help organisations focus on the day-to-day running of a business by taking care of employee relations and general HR duties, allowing companies to be at their most productive. For teams of 15 employees or more, this support is £37.50 per month per employee.

We take care of the management support as well as the detailed administrative functions, which are time consuming but essential to a tightly run ship. We tailor this service to meet the exact requirements of every organisation, so that we can provide you with the most effective service. This includes:

  1. General HR
  2. Policies, Employment Contracts and Handbooks
  3. Recruitment Onboarding and Inductions
  4. Disciplinary and Grievances
  5. Payroll

For more information, head to our FULL HR Support page. 

Additional Services

Additional Services charged at an hourly rate of £95 for HR Support customers when required. These can include:

1. Disciplinaries, Grievances, Appeals hearings: one of our outstanding services is our onsite help. Our consultants will visit you and hold hearings on your behalf, write up reports and conduct appeals. Showing your staff how seriously you take these issues can have lasting positive benefits. When access to your premises is restricted we can conduct off-site or online meetings.

2. Management mentoring: offering you an opportunity to review your current situation and employee relations in your practice. Our consultants are experienced managers from the public and private sector who help you to get the most out of your people.

3. Settlement agreements: it is inevitable that you will need to part company with an employee at some point and we help you do this with the least disruption to your service.


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