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We’re taking a look back at when we interviewed David Beharrel of CandidSky, to discover what it’s like to be a client of ours. Here’s how it went.

How did you hear about KHES?

I first met Kieron through Oldham Business Network, that I set up some years ago. I think it was 2011 when Kieron joined the group, but his memory may be better than mine!

What was the issue that made you approach KHES for help, and why did you decide to use us? 

Basically, we needed employment contracts. Candid Sky was growing and the first couple of employees we took on didn’t have contracts. When we got to employees three and four, I realised I needed help. I was also learning a lot on the go about employment law, and I’d heard about the probation periods. It was at this point I realised I needed more support, to hire the right people and ensure that as a business we were protected legally if things didn’t go right in the first few months.

What services does KHES provide you with now? 

We’re on a retainer fee with KHES, who still helps us comply with employment contracts for new starters, as well as general HR. What I like especially regarding contracts is that Kieron turns up to deliver it, which shows a degree of professionalism. The main benefit for me is having someone else drive it, someone, who can answer queries head-on. 

Kieron is also an advisor when I need him. I don’t abuse it, but I know if I have a particular issue with a member of my team I can just pick up the phone for his advice. Over the last four years I’ve probably had four people that have caused issues for us, and just having Kieron onboard has ensured that all legal procedures are followed and we don’t have to worry.   

We’re moving to remote work and Kieron is able to help me establish what’s feasible and what isn’t.  

Which service provides the most value to your organisation? 

Just being able to pick up the phone and know that I can get professional and accurate advice across all my employment and HR needs. Sometimes I speak to Cath, who’s also really helpful. 

What effect has using KHES had on your organisation and your staff? 

Quite a big effect. Without Kieron, there are areas of the business that would fall down! The employment contracts are in place and I don’t think I would have these without an advisor like Kieron. It has had a good impact on the team due to the professional edge it gives. 

Over time the effect has been compounded. I probably pick up the phone to ask ten to fifteen questions over the course of a year. All of which have an impact on the team. I also learn something every time, which helps me manage and lead the team better. It allows me to lead from the front. 

Sometimes the questions I ask are things I should probably know, or I’ve asked before but Kieron is always happy to go over things again (and again!). The trust is there. I know I can keep asking and Kieron will always give solid answers and advice. 

Kieron has a lot of experience in managing people, and his advice on this has been invaluable. The collective questions I ask year on year help to shape the culture of Candid Sky – you need to have the rules in place and Kieron helped cover off the ones that are legal, sharing his own advice and experience. 

Would you recommend KHES and what would be the trigger? 

Yes, I would recommend KHES and have done it in the past. I’ve known and trusted Kieron for many years so this wouldn’t be a problem. The trigger for me would be knowing what Kieron feels is a great referral, his ideal client.

-David Beharrel, CandidSky. May 2017.