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This week we’re taking a look back at our interview with Richard Walker of Belle Époque, to hear his point of view on how KHES supported the business’s HR functions. Here’s what Richard had to say.

How did you hear about KHES?

We’ve been with Kieron for around eight years now. He was recommended to us by someone local in Knutsford. We were using Peninsula but when it came down to it they didn’t have the personal touch. We’re a restaurant and catering firm and by the nature of that, it’s fast-paced. We needed someone who understood our specific industry, its quirks, and who could react quickly. Kieron more than fills those needs.

What was the issue that made Belle Époque approach KHES for help, and why did you decide to use us? 

Our MD, Matthew had to dismiss a member of staff. Regrettably, we didn’t follow the correct channels and we ended up in a position where we had to settle. We decided then we needed someone independent, who understood the fast pace of being in the catering industry. Kieron completely gets it, and since we’ve used KHES services we’ve never been exposed to claims. 

Having Kieron onboard has been a huge weight off our shoulders. We can pick up the phone at the start of any staffing issue and get immediate advice on how to handle any situation. Kieron works with us, he mediates situations and reviews the situation from our side. Right from day one, Kieron got us and our needs.

What services does KHES provide you with now? 

KHES manages all our disputes and will attend disciplinary meetings. They provide a very reactive telephone support service. They also manage our payroll. Kieron took this over about three months ago, and it’s amazing just how much time we have now we don’t manage this ourselves. The staff know to direct queries to KHES and because Kieron’s involved from the contract stage he knows everyone’s employment status and terms.

Which service provides the most value to your organisation? 

All the services Kieron offers are completely equal. Some of the services make our life easier and some save us money. KHES provides a fantastic service, and it’s a testament to Kieron and his work ethic. When we don’t get to speak to Kieron the backup is also excellent. Cath is really efficient and reactive to our needs.

What effect has using KHES had on your organisation and your staff? 

Staff turnover has dropped by around 50% since we employed KHES services. All new staff members get an employment contract on day one and this has made a huge difference. It’s reduced our time and energy in recruitment, but also the staff feel more secure having the contract. I think in the past we’ve underestimated our staff needs for security and stability, which having an employment contract gives them. It gives a professional touch and a more formal setting from the start. 

Would you recommend KHES and what would be the trigger? 

Yes, and I have done – to anyone who mentions they have a staff issue. I’ve also recommended Kieron to family. Kieron’s approach would be effective in virtually every industry sector. I’ve also used Kieron for advice on a personal level, which at the time was extremely helpful. He stepped in and gave professional advice outside the remit of Belle Époque, which he didn’t need to do. I respect Kieron, and trust his advice completely.

Are there any additional services or improvements you would like? 

Absolutely nothing. Kieron listens and comes up with a solution. We use Kieron as a sounding board for lots of business matters and we listen. Kieron is an asset to us and we have complete trust in him. He even critiqued our new website, from a customer’s perspective, which from anyone else I wouldn’t have taken! Kieron’s also recommended our services and brought in business. There isn’t anything more we can ask.

Richard finished the interview with “You owe me a large drink Kieron”.

-Richard Walker, Belle Époque. 31st July 2017.