8 Steps to Hiring the Right Fit for Your Business

There has been a lot of doom and gloom during the past 12 months and I’m sure there will be bumps on the road to recovery. However, a number of our clients particularly in the scientific and technical areas are busy looking for more employees as the need for their services is already increasing fast. This is great news and also comes […]

HR Challenges in a Care Home During Covid, with The Old Rectory

Kieron recently caught up with Kim Dawson, Manager of the Old Rectory Care Home in Chester to discuss the challenges of Covid19. They discussed the biggest HR issue that the Care Home has faced in the past year due to the pandemic and what type of advice they required to overcomes these obstacles. Find out […]

The Complete Guide to Employment Contracts

It seems that Contracts of Employment are the least read documents in the workplace. But that is how it should be. If you have a reasonable relationship with your employees, then neither of you should feel the need to refer to these documents. Unfortunately, the result of this is that the drafting of these contracts […]

The Consequence of Regulation on Managing Health and Social Care

We have a number of clients in the primary and social care sectors. The managers in those areas are highly regulated and are regularly inspected by the Care Quality Commission or the Care Inspectorate Wales. We currently don’t have any clients in Scotland but they have their own inspection division which I suspect will behave in much the same fashion. […]

The Power of Emotions Over Rational Thinking

I’ve often wondered why, when facts are so clearly available, people choose to believe alternative views. I remember attending an event arranged by my son’s primary school where they explained something about the way humans learn that demonstrated to me why there should be such a disparity between the facts and people’s opinions. They described […]