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In this week’s episode of Managing HR with Kieron Hill, Kieron addressed the issue of the cost of outsouring HR and the service you get with it.

Kieron suggested that it is important to look at your budget when finding the right HR company for you. But you also need to consider the people you will be working with. Kieron explained how it is concerning that there are a lot of HR consultants and consultancy firms that advertise themselves as HR managers, who have never actually had any experience in managing staff.

Therefore, it is important when outsourcing to do your research on the company. Find out who has actually been in a management role in previous positions because it is the management experience you need in HR to really make it work.

Kieron reffered it to being like someone wanting to learn how to drive, so they take lessons off someone who has passed their theory test but has never actually sat in a car and driven before. You wouldn’t do that for driving, so don’t do it for HR.