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Since the Covid19 pandemic disrupted the world in early 2020, companies have had to quickly adapt their business operations, to keep up with the changing needs of customers, the restrictions placed on employees, and the safety and wellbeing of both.

Although this was a difficult time for all, it was also an opportunity for businesses to get creative in order to make it through the uncertain times. Some businesses have found ways to simply make it through, whilst others have been forced into innovating processes that have made them stronger than ever.

To finish off the year with some positivity, Kieron has interviewed some of his clients that have used this opportunity to change processes for the better.

The first interview is with Daniel Shone, MD of Apex Computing Services, a client of KHES for many years. Alex enlightened us with what changes we’re made within the business as a result of Covid19 and which of these they will continue with. You can catch the interview here!