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It’s often the case that in times of stress the most creative answers come forward. We asked Kieron what creativity he has been most impressed with this year. Watch what he had to say below!

Kieron brings up an issue he has raised many times before, whether the management role is something you put people into because they are good at what they do, or because they have a specific set of skills to manage people. Kieron believes that it should be the latter. He believes that just because you are really good at something, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should be in charge of people, as this requires different skills.

KHES have recently worked with a company who recognised this and decided to reduce its managers in the organisation. Instead, they transferred some of the management roles into mentor roles so that employees with high-level technical skills would be able to pass these skills on to staff and be rewarded for these skills. Which left managers to get on with managing staff.

It’s a great development which Kieron hopes to see a lot more in industries. If you’ve got any areas where you think you can develop managers, let us know as we’d love to see how we can help.