Day 7 Last day and no Jaffa Cakes!

Let’s be honest, you don’t have to work somewhere for a long time to start enjoying it or connect with people. I understand the pain of leaving people for a new job role or store as I did it when I was 18 and working at McDonald’s and all I did when I found out was cry. But that was different, I wasn’t expecting that, this I was but it’s still pretty upsetting.

As I walked into the office, it was just me and Kieron, well not for long. He left after about 15 minutes for a meeting and then I was all alone. Ending my last day as a work experience person writing up reference forms and letters as well as completing the CV spread sheet. I’m surprised I wasn’t given scanning! Thought it would be my “goodbye” gift, the one thing I loved the most. Thankfully not.

Although I wasn’t alone, Jonathan turned up and made me a cuppa tea. How lovely of him. But the company didn’t last. After about 30 minutes he left as well. Quiet time again. All I had to keep me company was a bag of Aero orange bubbles. Rather have Jaffa cakes to be honest. Mmmm. I was half way through the remaining CVs when Kieron arrived. Hurrah! I had company again! That lasted about 3minutes as he shot of again. I feel like I’m the geek in the library at mid-night doing work when the odd person pops in says hi then goes again. *sigh* Oh well.

Once I had finished all my work, it was only just gone 1pm. Well that’s what I thought. As I was typing that sentence, I looked around for inspiration and noticed two sheets I completely forgot to do! And guess what…it was scanning! So I was left with my ‘favourite’ task. (Memory of a goldfish sometimes)  Anyway, let’s try that again. I have finally finished all my work which meant it was time to go home. I was lucky to say my goodbyes to Kieron earlier but I’m sure Andy and Jonathan will know when they read this.

My experience at Kieron Hill’s Employment Service has come to an end. It has actually been a very funny, enjoyable learning curve in my decision into full time employment. I have had proof that I love working within the employment industry and have learnt so many skills from the past month especially CV skills, covering letters and the law. Although this will be the last entry of my blog, this will not be the last you have seen of me. Keep your eyes peeled and ears open because one day when you send KHES an email or give them a call, it may be me that responds to you, no promises just hoping.

Thank you to Andy and Jonathan for your witty banter and bizarre yet funny conversations which kept me sane when I was completing brain melting tasks. Thank you to Kieron for the experience and time you have put into me. The skills and training you have given me that have allowed me to understand the employment industry in more detail and has let me experience it first-hand.  And thank you all for following my experience with me. I hope to speak to you all again soon but for now, so long .

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