Disciplinary Issues

About 30% of the problems I deal with are disciplinary issues where employees will not do what you want them to…not because they can’t…just because they don’t want to. You also get the employee who thinks they are a lawyer (and a few who are!). Rather than accept that they haven’t done what you wanted them to do they raise all sorts of excuses and try to avoid taking any responsibility for their actions. Do you know how much you need to investigate the problem before you can issue a final warning? Do you have time to do this? Do you know what you have to do to issue a warning that will stick?

As a client of KHES we will not only support you through the disciplinary process, we will also conduct it on your behalf. Plus you will only pay for the work we do.


“We have an employee who has been with us for years. During that time his timekeeping has become erratic and over the last six months his attitude to senior staff has become disrespectful and obstructive. We have had several “off the record” discussions with him and at least one formal meeting however nothing seemed to make any difference.

In frustration we asked Kieron Hill to conduct a disciplinary hearing for us. By the end of the meeting the employee looked visibly shaken and since then it has been like having a new, punctual and enthusiastic member of staff.
Bringing in someone from outside to conduct the meeting certainly brought home to our employee that this was serious in a way that a meeting with someone he saw every day could not.”

Andy Thornley
Northstar Integrated Advertising and Marketing