Some staff recognise when things aren’t working out and leave before things get out of hand. With others it doesn’t matter what hints you drop they stick like limpets to a rock. The problem is you are too busy to deal with the issue yourself, even if you know what to do. Our clients can get advice on what to do at any time of day or night. We will also conduct meetings for you.

Quite often employers don’t want to dismiss someone because they haven’t got the time to recruit a replacement. With our service we will not only remove staff for you legally– we will also replace them.

Also when you dismiss someone, other issues can come to the surface and although you may have dismissed someone for poor timekeeping, they may think they are being picked on for raising a Health and Safety complaint, being pregnant, having a particular political belief or any one of the protected characteristics that are covered by the Equality Act 2010. That’s when the tribunal claims come in and you then have to prove that you didn’t discriminate against them, and show that all the other employees had been (or would have been) treated in the same way.

If you have a troublesome member of staff call us for a free advice session on how to deal with the problem.


We had an employee whose attitude to other staff would regularly cause major arguments in one of our surgeries. We had given her a final written warning but she still refused to accept any responsibility for the “bust-ups”, blaming everyone else and threatening legal action. The final straw came when she had a shouting match with a fellow employee that ended up involving all of the management team. We were concerned that if we dismissed her we would spend days in court defending our actions so we asked Kieron Hill to conduct the hearing while I sat in to take the final decision. What I witnessed was a master class in conducting a disciplinary hearing. By the end of the meeting the employee had accepted she was at fault and had resigned rather than be dismissed.” Scott Jameson ​MD Instore Dental