Good news?

It’s common in blogs like these to concentrate on the problems employees cause you but this week I wanted to talk about two good experiences my salon clients have had in employing staff. On both occasions the salon wanted to hire someone for about 16 hours a week because both owners had found themselves spending all their time rushing about giving their clients an excellent service, but only found time to do the marketing and administration late at night. Ideally they wanted to hire someone full time but couldn’t afford the wages that would entail.

After a fairly disappointing recruitment campaign we approached a local college to see if they had any recently qualified students we could take on. It turned out that not only did they have the people we needed but if we took them on on an apprenticeship we could also receive a grant to help with the wage costs. All we had to agree to was that they were paid at least £2.60 an hour, and that they attended college 6 hours a week.

One student has now started and the other vacancy is being filled at the moment. Of course there is no guarantee that the new staff will turn out alright but then that’s true however you recruit them. My experience of helping my clients take on these apprentices has been so good I’m interviewing a couple of young people to be an apprentice for me this week. So we have three young people being employed. It may not be much but it makes for a good positive story to start the week.

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