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Our practice reviews are designed to save you time and money and we would normally expect to you to recoup the cost of the review within the first year of implementation.  Going forward the reviews are there to support your work environment and increase your employee engagement.  Have a look at how Cath Radford our senior consultant normally sets out to review a practice.

“From time to time I am asked to spend time with a Practice to do a full review of their policies, procedures, staffing and structure. It is a bespoke service so the scope of the project will be agreed in advance and clients may already know what their main problem is or have a specific task with which they want our involvement, and this will be reflected in the brief.

The majority of clients, who may be new to us or already established, ask us to do what we refer to as a ‘full’ review. Before we visit the Practice, we will send the Practice Manager a list of the data we will need to make a start and then have an introductory meeting with the Practice Manager to go through the plans for carrying out the review and talk about the data. The first task for the reviewer is always a 1:1 meeting with every member of staff. We ask 2 simple questions of everyone – what do they like about their workplace and what they would change if they could and why.

These interviews are a very useful and rewarding exercise where staff can share their hopes and concerns without fear of repercussions – and they do! We will usually spend a total of between 3 and 5 days in the Practice, depending on the number of staff, but that may be a mixture of full and half days. Observations will be made throughout the review in all the admin areas. We will note what tasks we see being done, who is doing them, and the processes involved. We will chat to the staff throughout the observations so that we fully understand what is happening and why.

When we have seen everyone and completed our observations, we will write up a report, making suggestions for beneficial changes which are then discussed by the Partners and/or Practice Manager. We can also help with the implementation of new structures or work processes if required.”