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Fiona McIntosh – our duty consultant – has been working from with a 6 year old and 2 year old to look after.  Here’s her take on lockdown……….
“It started off with the best of intentions … You tube PE classes every morning followed by structured lesson plans to cover the 4 hours I work each day with breaks for snacks, lunch and outside play time.  It was a great theory, and worked at first but after a while I was getting interrupted with calls of ” I’m hungry”, “she’s touching my stuff” and “it’s not fair, I did school work yesterday!!”  They were bored with it and I was stressed trying to manage everything.
We took a more laid back approach, my 4 hour working day was spread, often over 8 hours, the children joining in zoom chats entertaining my co-workers with puppet shows whilst we worked.  The usual lunch time at the table was replaced with snack plates on the sofa while they watched the same 3 films again and again and again.
This is not a normal time for anyone, sanity is the most important thing! It’s been difficult and challenging and wonderful and enjoyable all at the same time. So making the best of a bad situation, I’m never going to have the opportunity to merge my work and home lives together again and honestly I’ve loved it.”