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Greetings from the no-go zone. We’re still keeping the office open for now. But homeworking has always been as big part of how we work so not much has changed.

What’s frustrating is when we need to see clients and we have to Zoom. It’s OK but it is no replacement for face-to-face communication. Our service relies on us listening to our clients, and you’d be surprised by how much “listening” happens away from the ears.

A short exchange with a manager in the corridor when you are visiting their office can allow us to pick up on a problem and solve it before it goes ‘nuclear’. It’s also much easier to pick up on company dynamics when you are in the same room. Sometimes the value of the solutions we suggest is based on the culture of the client and how the leadership team relates to each other.

I remember on one occasion about 10 years ago when we were working with a new client to resolve a particularly “difficult” issue. We suggested the husband and wife team on the board act as peacekeepers. We hadn’t met them, but if we had we might just have picked up that they were about to get divorced.