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We are delighted to announce a new collaboration that will allow us to expand our services to clients.  

We’ve teamed up with Paula Cohen from Taylory Ltd to offer Management Skills workshops, aimed primarily at new or developing Managers.  

Managing people effectively is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges of growing a business, but finding training which is practical, straightforward and doesn’t cost the earth can be just as challenging. 

We’ve worked with Paula over a number of years so we’re confident that she’s the right person for us to work with. 

Paula’s training combines her corporate background as a Learning & Development Manager at Lloyds TSB with 13 years of running her own Business Coaching Company.  

Her training sessions can be delivered online via zoom or in person, and prices start from £400 per session (inclusive of VAT)  

Sessions can cover areas such as:  

What Is A Manager?  

  • What is a Manager responsible for?  
  • What do both the team and the business need from a good Manager? 
  • What’s the difference between a team member and a Manager?  
  • How much influence does a Manager have over why people stay or leave?  

DISC Psychometric profiling – reports and feedback 

  • An in-depth personal profile highlighting communication and decision-making styles and individual approaches to conflict 
  • Why team members require different types and different depths of information 
  • Discussion around similarities & differences across teams and any potential areas for friction or misunderstanding  
  • They would each leave with a very clear picture of the best way to communicate with each other, and with their teams, and how best to work as a team that plays to its strengths 

Effective Delegation 

  • How and when to delegate  
  • Techniques to delegate effectively so that roles, responsibilities, standards and deadlines are clear 
  • How to manage delegated work without micro-managing individuals 

Managing Performance (Feedback & Appraisals) 

  • Providing effective feedback regularly, both positive and constructive 
  • Appraisal formats and planning 
  • Gaining buy-in and a positive contribution from the team  
  • Preparation and feedback – finding the balance of challenge versus praise 

Managing the workload – for themselves and their team 

  • Planning and prioritising, capacity management, using deadlines for their team without micro-managing 
  • Time management, understanding the difference between urgent and important, and the myth of multi-tasking 

If you’d like more information about Paula’s sessions just drop us an email and we can arrange a time to chat.