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In this week’s episode of Managing HR, we took a trip down memory lane back to Kieron’s time in Bosnia, volunteering at refugee camps. If you missed it, here’s a recap.

After a lot going on his personal life, Kieron decided to take some time out to help at the refugee camps in Bosnia. It was here that he learned two very important lessons for life, as well as for HR management.

  1. However hard you think you have it, there is always someone a lot worse off than you. However much you feel this way, it doesn’t mean that anyone else will think it’s important. Put your problems into perspective and recognise the balance of what is really important and what might not be so much.

  2. Kieron met a remarkable woman, a conflict resolution expert who went there to help communities work together. She taught him that when you have some sort of conflict whether that may be in business or in life, you should never start with the issues you disagree on. This will always result in a fight. Instead, you should start by focusing on what you both agree on. This way you will find a solution.