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This week, we caught up with Kieron to discuss where he found his joy in managing HR for clients. Here’s what he said.

It’s the longevity of client relationships that gives Kieron real satisfaction in his work. He told us of one client, an IT service provider, who had joined KHES when the MD was still in an in-house IT role, setting up his own business. As the business grew, he went through all the traumas you’d expect from any business. The MD married and had a family. Through all of this period of growth, he stayed a client.

KHES supported him as he grew from 2-3 employees, to a big fancy office in Salford Quays with 40-50 staff. He continues to grow now with a recent expansion. It’s been great for Kieron to watch him and the business grow to what it has become. They will often meet over a Chinese meal for a good catch up, and that gives him more satisfaction than anything else.