One of the issues that concerns clients more than any other is what happens if my best staff member gets pregnant, I’ll lose her for a year and I’ll have to pay her while she is off and I’ll need to get a replacement for her.
It is also the case that during pregnancy your employee has a number of rights that if ignored can lead to legal problems further down the road. In a recent case, simply forgetting to carry out a formal risk assessment cost the employer £6,000 and £3,000 in legal costs, not to mention the cost of the time and disruption to the business.

We will support you throughout the whole process and, if necessary, meet and stay in touch with staff so that any problems are dealt with quickly and don’t become a legal nightmare.



A client of mine sought legal advice on how to deal with someone returning from maternity leave. When I saw the advice they had received I was concerned that they were leaving themselves open to a substantial financial risk.

I sought advice from Kieron and not only did he confirm my fears, he gave me some options that resolved the problems amicably with no legal consequences. It was not just his knowledge of employment law but his years of experience managing staff that resolved this problem for my client.”

Tracy Booth 8020 Financial Management