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About KHES Medical

KHES medical has been looking after GP practices for the past 10 years. We have built lasting relationships with our practice managers and GP partners through providing HR support and Employment Law advice.

We understand how Primary Care works. We provide HR support that recognises the complexities of CQC administration, salaried GPs, PCNs and the changing nature of service delivery. But we’re not just about employment law and healthcare knowledge. Between us, our team has over 100 years of experience in managing people and we know how to implement these tried and tested methods into medical practices.

Our aim is to provide a personal and professional service that is cost effective, flexible and ensures you get the right result for your practice.

Medical Services

Monthly Support

We cover the general mix of HR issues that managers deal with daily, so that you can focus on patient care. Our monthly support service is a one-year minimum length contract with prices starting at £165 per month for a practice with less than 25 staff.


  1. We start the process by visiting you at your practice so that we understand your surgery and the way you work.  Your dedicated KHES consultant will meet and talk you through what we do and how we can best support you, to ensure you gain the most from our service.
  2. We review all your contracts of employment and prepare new ones to meet current legislation, where needed. We review your employee handbooks, policies and procedures to make sure they are clear and easily understood by employees. We are here 24/7 to give advice and write letters, as required.
  3. We cover disciplinaries, dismissals, holiday calculations, sickness absences and more. You can contact us by email, phone or video link.
  4. We visit you at your workplace on an annual basis to ensure that we are doing everything we can for you – staying in regular contact throughout the month to ensure you remain on top of any legal requirements, as they are updated.

    “Our Practice had been through many re-structures and re-organisations and we didn’t seem to be making progress or achieving the results we expected. The GP Partners and myself agreed that we needed to take a step back and look at things a different way. KHES Medical worked with us to take an independent view of where we had been, where we were now and where we needed to be to deliver services in an ever-changing NHS world.

  5. By doing this we have a completely different approach to how we now work. We have a new approach involving every member of the team in change and all taking responsibility for how we develop in line with the contracts in place. We are all now much more engaged and continue to review how we work to deliver high quality services to our patients.

    We have built great relationships with the KHES team and work very well together. KHES Medical deliver a flexible, targeted and bespoke range of services that compliments the skills and experience of the GP Partners, management team, staff and Patient Reference Group.”

    Tracy Dell, Practice Manager at Plane Trees Group Practice

Practice Restructure

Our restructure service costs an hourly rate of £95 for clients on a monthly contract, or £125 per hour for non-contract clients. We can agree a capped total figure so that you can budget accordingly.

Areas we Review

Work Patterns

We will look at the way you organise practice work to see if there are more effective ways of organising and getting the most from staff.

Employee Relationships

We will assess your employment practices and management structure to propose improvements, as necessary.

Patient Involvement

​We will review the practice from the patient’s point of view so that you can ensure you give your patients the best possible journey through the practice admin systems.

“KHES and their team did our practice review recently. They were very  professional in their approach and  recommended sensible, pragmatic action points. They have wide and in depth experience in helping primary care teams”

Dr Saravanan Mani, Lepton Surgery, Huddersfield

Additional Services

Our additional services and onsite help can be added on to our monthly support service at any time should you require them. Extra services are charged at an hourly rate of £95. 

Disciplinaries, Grievances, Appeals hearings

Our consultants will visit you and hold hearings on your behalf, write up reports and conduct appeals. Showing your staff how seriously you take these issues can have lasting positive benefits.

Management Mentoring

Offering you an opportunity to review your current situation and employee relations in your practice. Our consultants are experienced managers from the public and private sector who help you to get the most out of your people.

Settlement agreements

It is inevitable that you will need to part company with an employee and we help you do this with the least disruption to the practice.


“The expectations and attitude of everyone involved changed when we employed KHES Medical. It was someone on the outside taking the overall situations on board and taking them seriously. It allowed us to take a different viewpoint. The changes that were implemented at the beginning put the business on a more structured and business-like footing. The professional way it was handled also meant that the staff were more reciprocal to these changes, and understood their importance for everyone involved”

Dr Geetha Chandrasekaran, Partner, Plane Trees Group Practice 

Case Study

Ashton Medical Group

During the COVID19 lock down, significant changes had occurred in how the practices ran. As the lock down eased, both the GP partners and the practice manager were keen to keep many of these changes they had implemented. KHES Medical were brought in to review the way the practice worked and assist in implementing a new structure.

The impact from the new way of working to adapt to lock down:

  • Operations became efficient and effective
  • Realisation that many consultations could be managed by telephone
  • Improved time frames for appointments and freeing up GP time
  • Reduction in calls into the surgery
  • Reduction in staff required to manage the phones/admin
  • Reduction in patient complaints and improved satisfaction with service 


How did we help?

The next step was to figure out how the practice could capitalise on these working practices and make permanent changes for the future. KHES reviewed what had worked well. We recognised that the practice no longer needed the same level of staff due to more patients accessing the surgery through technology. We assessed the practice structure and roles to identify areas that could be streamlined.

We then drew up the rationale for the changes and made sure these were explained to all the staff, who were accepting of change in the current climate. The rationale explained the objectives and aims for the changes, so that staff could clearly see the practice’s vision for the future.  This helped the staff understand the reason for the changes and come to terms with them.  

We announced a period of consultation for redundancies, along with consultation on job role changes. A timeline was setup and if there were any delays, these were clearly communicated with the reason why to avoid staff assuming the worst.

We supported managers with briefing notes, coaching and training to ensure that they reinforced the formal message and avoided any contradictions.  

Transparency during the process ensured a healthy workplace environment, and one in which the practice retained the employees that were right for their organisation.

The main tenets of the review were undertaken in two weeks which meant the process happened quickly.  Voluntary redundancies significantly reduced the need to make staff redundant and the outcome has given the practice new direction and impetus for the future.



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