New Face in the Office on Work Experience

After a long and exhaustive recruitment process (my wife told me her CV was good so I’d better take her on), I have offered a work experience placement to Abi Finneran for 4 weeks. Rather foolishly I asked her to write a blog of her experiences! so here is day 1.

Day one

During my first day working for Kieron Hill, I was welcomed with a positive enthusiastic greeting as I settled into my new environment. This would be my first time I’ve worked in an office environment, working alongside only a small number of individuals but I was keen to learn the trades of working in a human resource environment.

The first thing I learnt was using Share Point as a form of storing and sharing work with each other quickly and efficient. How exciting. I was set the task to complete references letters for employers. While I was completing this, I would over hear conversations between Kieron and his clients discussing current issues they are experiencing. He would then discuss the issue with me and ask for my own opinion on the situation. Sometimes these discussions could go on for a while (he does like his rants) but it made me understand how ever daft some of the situations can get, they still need to be sorted correctly.

I was later asked to complete a basic disclosure online of an employee for a client. This was the first time I had ever completed a CRB document which I found interesting as I had always wondered how it worked and looked therefore doing it for a client was the perfect opportunity to experience the procedure in completing this documentation, although the wording of the document was so bizarre, I had to contact Disclosure Scotland just to work out which address they wanted. Talk about time consuming.

Once all the admin work I was set was completed, I conducted research into the new employment laws being enforced throughout 2013. Research in my eyes is incredibly boring. It usually takes me weeks before I actually get around to opening a book as the T.V is always more attractive. Although for the first time in years I was actually interested in what I needed to look up. After I had found the articles and viewpoints on the new laws, another deep discussion was formed and for the first time all day, I actually knew what I was talking about (it shocked me as well).

Overall, I did find my first day very enjoyable and learnt a variety of new things I wouldn’t expect to find in a HR department as well as certain issues raised by clients and the best way to handle the situation correctly but in all honesty, I was so exhausted all I wanted to do was go to bed.

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