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In this week’s episode of Managing HR, we asked Kieron what has been the biggest people management issue from the year. Kieron believes the biggest issue that businesses have had to deal with this year is the behaviour of staff towards each other, which has come as no surprise.

It hasn’t been a pleasant time for anyone to live through. People are scared and have had to juggle many responsibilities, including children, work, caring for the elderly, family in care homes. There is a general tenseness around which is leaving its self open to friction in the work place.

It is key that managers deal with this. Kieron’s team have been asking clients to introduce protocols for what behaviours people should exhibit towards each other. When people are frightened and they have not got a guide on how to behave, sometimes things come out the wrong way which can lead to arguments. This is not good for anyone. Putting protocols in place can help to avoid this situation.

If you’ve had an issue with employees falling out or employees reporting bullying at work, get in touch so that we can help you deal with the issue head on.