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Surprisingly, there are not many legal requirements that you need to comply with when somebody tells you that they’re pregnant.

You probably already know that:

a) They are entitled to time off both pre and post the birth of the child, and

b) they are also entitled to come back to the same job provided their return within six months, or

c) a suitable alternative at no worse terms and conditions if they are off for longer.

However, what is often forgotten is that you are legally required to conduct a risk assessment of their working environment.

Some time ago one of our clients failed to complete this assessment. They ended up in dispute with the employee over an unrelated matter. When the dispute came to an employment tribunal the tribunal found for the employer. However they awarded the employee £6000 for the failure to complete the obligatory risk assessment. This plus the legal costs for defending the case added up to a bill for £10,000.

It’s a good idea to conduct a risk assessment when somebody advises you that they’re pregnant anyway. If you don’t, there is also a risk that it could cost you a substantial amount of money.

 Also, a tribunal is inevitably disruptive to the business as a whole.

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