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Back in August 2020, when workforces were returning to the workplace, we published a blog article based on the business decisions needed to bring people back to work after the first lockdown. Now we’re coming out of yet another lockdown (I’ve lost count now, is this lockdown 2 or 3?), situations have changed. A year on, I think there need to be some more imaginative ways of getting people back to work. If you have any thoughts, I’d love to hear them. 

Two steps I think will help to get a bit of motivation back are: 

  1. On the first day back, set aside some time to reconnect with your staff. Talk about your plans for the company, get people to share what has been going on for them over the last months. You don’t have to make a meal of it but the big advantage of coming to work rather than working from home is the social aspect. This may need some attention, particularly if people have lost touch. It may be that you are the sort of company that didn’t encourage the social aspects of work. If that’s the case it might be a good time to start (provided the work gets done of course!) 
  1. One of the big complaints I have heard over the last few weeks, is that it has been almost impossible to plan anything nice. So we’ve had nothing to look forward to. It might be an idea to plan something nice to do as a workforce. My team used to organise trips to a bowling alley, 5-a-side football competitions, meals out and so on. You know the sort of thing! If going out together isn’t your thing, then maybe organise something a bit light-hearted for the workplace. Examples are Charity fancy dress days or identify your colleagues from a picture of them as a baby.  

Most business owners find that as their company grows a culture develops with it. You would be surprised how often poor performance of the business is linked to a poor culture in the office. So whilst you may not have done anything to create the culture, it is worthwhile giving some thought to rejuvenating it when you get people back to the office.

For more advice on how to return your workforce back to the workplace, download your free copy of The Quick Guide to Returning to Work, for a more comprehensive process to follow. You can also call us for advice that is tailored to your specific business needs at 0161 850 1122.