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2020 Phew!

Well, I think we have all had to be on our toes this year so I thought I would give you all a quick update on what has been happening with KHES. I spent the last week in February in Spain doing some planning and writing only to spend most of my time wondering whether we would be able to get back to the UK as the news got steadily worse. Anyway, I managed to get back to Manchester in early March and within a couple of weeks, we were planning for lockdown.

One major piece of good news during lockdown was my former colleague Tina Henry approached me to see if she could join the company. Cath Radford had been continuing her excellent work as my senior consultant, so I didn’t actually need any resource just then, but we were able to place Tina with one of our clients who had recently lost two managers and needed an urgent replacement.

So now it’s putting major our efforts into marketing so we can grow the business to match our capacity. It is a new area for us as we have always just relied on word of mouth to expand, but now we need to get the word out that there is a space for “real world” HR support that does not clog up rapidly growing companies with “policies and procedures”, and is delivered by consultants who have actually managed employees and know what it feels like to do the difficult stuff.

Let’s look forward to next year and hopefully a successful vaccine. I’ve no doubt that some of the changes we have seen last year will remain and to quote one of our clients “all that’s happened over the last year is that the changes that would have taken place over 10 years have been squeezed into 10 months”.

We’ve put together a small list of some of our favourite blogs from the year and also some links to interviews with clients and contacts about how they have dealt with the last year. Enjoy!