Sickness Absence

Different organisations deal with absence in different ways. Some companies can cope with sickness absence whereas for many smaller organisations any absence is extremely disruptive.

It is our experience that the highest levels of sickness absence are often found in organisations with the most complex procedures for dealing with it.

We have also found that the major determining factor in how much sickness absence there is in an organisation, is the way that management deal with it.

We believe these two factors are linked. Historically when an attempt is made to deal with high levels of absence the first thing that people do is introduce policies and procedures. This has an initial positive effect which fades quickly because management has neither the time nor inclination to invoke the cumbersome policies and procedures that were introduced to deal with the problem.

At KHES we will help you set up ways of dealing with sickness absence that not only reflect the type of organisation you want to run, but also work seamlessly with the management styles you want to encourage.

We can even come into your organisation and deal with any problems you have on site with the person concerned.​


“I run a shop in Cardiff, when staff are off sick, the only person that can cover is me. I had difficulty with a staff member having regular sick days and frequent late starts. This meant me losing my days off and family time. I became exhausted and so asked Kieron to help. End result, I now have a new member of staff who is reliable and I can get to see my family once in a while.”

Heidi Davies
Funky Monkey Feet Ltd