Staff Administration

There comes a point in all organisations when you need to employ someone to look after your staff administration so you don’t get bogged down with it. KHES ltd can do this for you thus saving you the cost of employing another member of staff or taking someone off other duties just to deal with this.

Our staff administration service supported through our web based HR system will perform such tasks as managing and booking holiday requests, payroll support, following up on sickness absence and lateness, seeking references and checking staff are eligible to work in the UK, and any one of the legal obligations you face when you employ staff.


We had an employee whose attitude to other staff would regularly cause major arguments in one of our surgeries. We had given her a final written warning but she still refused to accept any responsibility for the “bust-ups”, blaming everyone else and threatening legal action. The final straw came when she had a shouting match with a fellow employee that ended up involving all of the management team. We were concerned that if we dismissed her we would spend days in court defending our actions so we asked Kieron Hill to conduct the hearing while I sat in to take the final decision. What I witnessed was a master class in conducting a disciplinary hearing. By the end of the meeting the employee had accepted she was at fault and had resigned rather than be dismissed.”

Scott Jameson
MD Instore Dental