Day 6 Revenge of the teacake

Its Thursday so not long now until the weekend starts again. Once I arrived at the office, Kieron was out but for once I was not alone as I still had the company of Andy and Jonathon although I had so much to catch up on, I probably wasn’t the most exciting person to talk to. It was a pretty standard day; scanning, organising files, asking for references and then passing them on to the clients to keep a record but I did have one important task which could affect everyone if not completed correctly and possibly cause mayhem if not accomplished!…well really all it was, was popping to the shops to get milk, but believe me, if you’ve read the previous account you would understand that this enterprise runs on coffee and tea!

My tasks didn’t take very long to complete so I spent most of the time job hunting to see what is expected of me to get into this line of work but to be honest, I was more distracted by Andy and Kieron’s random conversations. One that sticks out was the discussion of man’s favourite food…bacon, but more in this case, what is the correct name for a bacon sandwich. I’ve heard this bread naming debate from the moment I moved up north. Its seems to be a culture shock to anyone down south, only calling it a butty or sandwich but up north, they have loads of options. It a conversation I am involved in all the time from people at university and home arguing over it. While me and Kieron just sat back and watched, Andy went on a little rant about all the different names he had heard and what he believed was the correct one. We went from sandwiches, rolls, bap, butty and one I never hear anyone refer it as, a baguette. It reminded me of the time I got into a debate with someone about a ‘teacake,’ me saying it was  bread with fruit in, someone else saying it was just a roll etc…the many hours wasted talking about bread yet no philosopher has come to the conclusion therefore we must suffer in silence.

Overall, today was a very simple, easy day with little activity on my behalf although the banter of the office and relaxed environment has made me settle into the working life of an office worker and I like it.