Day 3

Yes! Its Friday which means just got to plow through today and it’s the weekend so hopefully it will be a nice relaxing day…I spoke too soon. I had been waiting for a morning like today from the very first day I started working in an office. You see the stereotypical scenarios on T.V in an office, machines braking down, IT support needed and pure panic. I use to laugh at those situations, now, I feel their pain. I arrived and was the only person in due to Kieron being in a meeting, so nice, quiet environment with music to get me through till lunch. Sounds good right, False! I was hit with the stereotypical office problems; the printer wouldn’t work, nor would my keyboard, then share point decided not to open, suddenly the internet goes down but worse of all we had ran out of milk! No white coffee for me this morning. Sad times.

Once all my typical office problems had been restored (minus the milk crisis), I got on with completing my scanning and filling in my blog as well as looking at the website to see if any improvements needed to be done. As the minutes turned to hours, I was beginning to feel alone and the boredom had become so bad, I found myself looking at pictures of ‘LOL Cats.’ All of a sudden the news I had been waiting for all morning, “I’ll pick up some milk on the way back.” The choirs were singing, and sun shone! I could finally have the white coffee I been so looking forward too.

After finally washing down my coffee, I helped try and amend a contract for a new employee. It didn’t take very long to complete but it was a learning process and with more training I may be able to complete the task without guidance in the future. Friday afternoons in an office are incredibly quiet. After completing this, I spent the rest of my time writing up my blog and listening to the witty banter between everyone around me. It was very amusing although most the time I had no idea what was going on.

It had finally come to the time to go home and sleep my weekend away. I wish everyday was like Friday, it’s so relaxing and chilled out yet very boring at some points. I don’t blame people who work in an office wanting to end half way through Friday, staring at a computer screen for eight hours a day, I’m sure I would want to hide in a dark room away from computer screens and pestering clients!  Time to relax in front of the T.V, never know might get out a book and do some research, unlikely but possible.