Management Style

There is no right or wrong way to manage staff, any style of management will tend to attract those people who work best under that style. Those that do not like the style leave. Even the bullying style and blame culture that is usually associated with autocratic management can be successful. Indeed one person’s bullying behaviour is another person’s refreshing challenge (within reason!).

The problems start when there is either inconsistent or no management. The key to avoiding this is to make sure the style of management is aligned with both the company’s values and the personalities of the managers. Get either of those alignments wrong and the result is demoralised staff and accusations of hypocrisy.

At KHES we don’t waste time moralising about right and wrong, we:

  1. Design practical solutions to help you manage your business.
  2. Support managers in their dealings with staff.
  3. Design Employment documentation which is both legally compliant and consistent with your aims.

We also take care to define clear boundaries for staff, there is plenty of well researched evidence that a lack of boundaries increases the sense of insecurity amongst staff as they do not know what is expected of them, and I have to say that often the ones that moan most about not being allowed the freedom to do their job are often the ones who are looking for an excuse!

So say good bye to policies and procedures that nobody reads, stop worrying about whether HR advisors will let you do what needs to be done and give your employees the tools to make your business successful.