That Monday Morning feeling, Work experience starts to lose its appeal

Monday, the most painful word in the English language. Just hearing it makes me want to fall asleep but nevertheless, I attended work and as soon as I arrived…I had absolutely nothing to do. The pile of scanning had already been done and the only task I had left was looking at the website to see how it could be improved. Before I did this, I met Kieron’s accountant and listened to the conversation between them about the company’s finances. I will admit, I did drift in and out, I’ve never been able to concentrate on numbers or sums for very long without noticing something more interesting and today’s distraction was Andy’s plant.  No idea what kind of plant it is, looks Japanese.

Anyway, once the accounts had been looked at and discussed, I was set the task of finding Keywords commonly used associated with HR that can attract people to the website. After getting to grips with Google Ad words, I search a number of words related to the main features of the business. To do this I looked at the website to find the main points as well as reading contracts and handbooks to pick out the main features. It was an easy task and a lot more interesting than scanning all day. I sent the document over to Kieron and then sent back a reference response to a client. Since Kieron was out all I could do now was wait.

Another short day, but I rather get everything done and go rather than sit around and watch paint dry. I’m glad I had a day without having to scan thousands of sheets of paper, needed a little break from the printer and I think the printer might agree. Time to rest before I’m back in on Thursday for another day as a work experience personnel in HR.

(Note From Kieron “The printer has now withdrawn its transfer request”)

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