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In this week’s episode on Managing HR, with Kieron Hill, Kieron discusses the issue of loneliness as a manager and just how debilitating relationship breakdowns can be. If you missed it, catch up below!

This week, Kieron discussed how he’d been lucky enough to have the experience of getting help from people who have been prepared to act as mentors or confidants through difficult times. Through this experience, he understands the importance of getting things off your chest to someone not related to the issue, who doesn’t have an ax to grind. Something that KHES offers to clients.

As a manager, when a relationship goes wrong it can be as debilitating as a marriage going wrong. Kieron stresses the need to find someone you can talk to and not take these issues home with you. If the issue is still rattling around in your head at the end of the day, talk to someone.

At KHES, something we do for clients if we have a manager who is going through a difficult time is to offer to let them contact us whenever they need to talk. So that they at the least don’t keep it to themselves.