The importance of a good exit interview

January 11, 2023

 Within the candidate led market that we find ourselves in, recruitment and retention is high on everyone’s agenda. We would also add to that the importance of a good exit interview. Having an honest and open discussion with a departing employee can give you valuable insight into your business and help with the retention of your team. It may be too late to persuade the departing member of staff to stay but exit interviews are the start of a proactive step in putting a strategy in place to reduce staff turnover by discovering what the problem is and how to fix it. They can also enable you to increase staff morale  and performance and offer you a real insight to where improvements can be made. Employees, even departing ones can be reluctant to be open and honest to the reasons behind them moving on this can be where we can come in. It is a fact that Employees will give us much more insight to the real reason behind their departure as an independent ear, therefore giving you much more valuable feedback. Carrying out exit interviews is included as part of our full client package or available at a supplement on an ad-hoc basis. Find our what is making people leave.