The problem with Cash

I was called into a beauty salon recently because they were worried that their till receipts were regularly down by multiples of £10, but they could only narrow down the shortages to one or more of three people who were on duty at the time the shortages occurred. They had video cameras but they were not much help. This is a real problem for many retail outlets and indeed anywhere where cash is used. I have seen small companies put out of business by petty theft.

The solution we suggested to the owner surprised them at first but it was perfectly legal. We called in the 3 three individuals separately and showed them the evidence of the till tolls and cashing up records. We then told them that if they had anything to say we would like to hear it but if there was no more evidence then all three would be subject to a full investigation and could be dismissed as the company could not afford to support petty theft.

Sometimes when you take this approach one of the “suspects” will give evidence against one of their colleagues. I’ve even had a situation where the culprit owned up and resigned! Unfortunately however the more common outcome is that all of them get dismissed and you never find out who the guilty party is. Which is a shame, if people lose their job as a result of someone else’s petty theft. Unfortunately this was one of those unhappy situations when two possible innocent individuals lost their job. However the till shortages stopped from then on.

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