Two Easters in one year

Does your new holiday year start on 1st April? If so then you need to read on because in the 2015-16 holiday year there will be 2 Easters and therefore 10 bank holidays whilst in 2016-17 there won’t be an Easter at all and so only 6 bank holidays.

In the absence of any guidance from the Government (maybe they have other things on their mind!) you need to agree with your workforce how you are going to handle this. The law says everyone gets 28 days holiday in a full holiday year-pro rata for part timers-which is split into 20 days to take as agreed between you and your staff and 8 days for bank holidays.

First of all, check what your contract says and talk to your staff. If you give more than the statutory minimum holidays or have staff who have accrued additional holiday entitlement due to length of service then you need take no action with them.

If you give the statutory 28 days, you can stick with that as it fully meets your legal obligation but will mean that in the coming holiday year staff have only 18 days to take when they want to but next year they will have 22. You could agree with staff that they take 2 days of next years’ bank holiday entitlement in the coming year so they still get 20 days to take when they like plus 10 bank holidays this coming year and only 6 next year. If you were feeling generous, you could award all your staff 2 extra days holiday this year but there is absolutely no obligation to do this.

If you want to talk it over please give us a ring and we will help you sort it out.

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