When Can We help

April 13, 2023

Things to look out for that might be worth giving us a call about


  • They came across really well at the interview, but now seem out of their depth.
  • They have turned up late (or missed an arranged Video call) in the first two weeks of employment.
  • The rest of the team don’t seem to have anything good to say about them, and they seem to have irritated people early on.
  • The work they are doing is not as good as you expected it to be.
  • You have heard them being outspoken on any issues.
  • They are constantly in your office trying to impress you.
  • When picked up on any issues they immediately try to blame someone else.
  • They start asking for large amounts of time off for various reasons in the first days of their employment.
  • They start talking about their legal rights as an employee with their work colleagues.

These are all signs that could mean nothing but could be indicative that they are not right for the job, or they are feeling uncomfortable in a new environment. Employment, at its heart, is a relationship. Any behaviours that you would feel are inconsistent with this could mean there is a problem, so give us a call.

There are also issues that, whilst not a problem with their work, affect the team. Such issues include personal hygiene issues, immature behaviour, the list can go on. Often the best way to dal with these is a quiet word before it becomes a problem, but give us a call and we can discuss these with you.


All the above can appear over time, they still need to be dealt with but there are a whole different set of legal complications if someone has more than 2 years’ service with you. But additional thought should be given to

  • Appraisals, if you are reviewing someone’s performance
  • Requested pay reviews
  • Patterns of absence start to develop
  • Initial enthusiasm wanes and the employee becomes obstructive
  • The needs of the work change but the employee is inflexible in their approach

Basically if a staff member is beginning to be frustrating, obstructive or just taking up too uch of our time and attention, give us a call.


There are a number of events that immediately need addressing and have legal implications which can trip you up if you miss things at first, the list is long but the main issues we tend to deal with are

  • Maternity and family policies
  • Flexible working requests
  • Your current staffing levels / available skillsets don’t match your needs (Redundancies, Work Patterns, Job Roles)
  • People are misbehaving at work
  • Drug and alcohol-related problems
  • Complaints, particularly if they relate to diversity problems or harassment
  • High staff turnover
  • Rewarding exceptional performance without demotivating other staff
  • Formal disciplinary action or grievances
  • Queries about company benefits
  • Long-term sickness absence
  • Adjustments to work due to disabilities

I’m sure there are other issues you can all think of that can arise, but in short, if you have an issue relating to the people you employ, we are here to help click here to contact us