Work experience Day 2

My second day started off in the same enthusiastic manner as my first day and surprisingly I was awake for once, well after about three cups of coffee. My first activity was to produce a document about the new laws coming in March and April to send to clients to make themselves aware of the changes and prepare themselves for what will soon be expected of them. Once I sent it over to be approved, my nerves kicked in and I just stared while it was being read. I felt like a child presenting a macaroni picture of an owl to their parents waiting for a round of applause. Childish I know, but I was given the thumbs up of approval. Thank god.

Afterwards, I filled in several letters for a client’s new recruits to congratulate them on successfully getting a job, their starting dates as well as asking for them to produce references on arrival. It went well, until I forget to put some of their names on the address, forcing me to start again. Once I sorted myself out, I adjusted a contract for a client. It wasn’t a difficult task as I first expected it to be therefore I was able to complete this exercise very quickly and successfully and therefore sent it back. All I had to do was wait.

My final task for the day included arranging all the documents on Share Point, allowing easier access to specific files. This was a task I wasn’t looking forward to do but once I started I understood the benefit of having these files organised. It was a brain dead task, making me slowly fall asleep. After nearly 2 painful hours and my brain gradually turning into mush, I had finally organised all the documents into their own file. At last! After an hour of making up strange scenarios in my head, Kieron returned to the office where I presented him my work. He was impressed. Thank god, No way did I want to do that all again!

Once the clock struck 5pm it was the end of another day at the office. Generally, it wasn’t too bad. I was pretty chuffed at what I had produced although there were tasks I found myself drifting asleep too but like any business, there will always be the jobs no one wants to do, so why should they waste their time doing it, the work experience person looks bored, give it to them!

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